"A long time ago... the spirit of the feminine was recognized as the creative life force of the earth. Its symbol was the circle, a shape that has no beginning and no end. That which was round or curved was considered beautiful: the shape of the earth, an egg, the naturally rounded shape of a woman's body. That which moved in cycles was respected and honored as a source of wisdom."

- Dr. Anita Johnston

Eating in the Light of the Moon  



There are few places for women to gather in community to honor and celebrate themselves and each other. A yoga circle is that place. 

Many years ago, women gathered often. They celebrated in ceremony when girls became women, honored their cycles together, and shared their wisdom through stories. Today, we rarely come together for these gatherings. In my yoga classes and retreats, what is often more powerful than the physical movement is the sharing. The sharing of love between mother and daughter, the sharing of struggles and fears, and the sharing of support for each other.

We need community, we need to support each other, grow and learn together. 

A yoga circle is a place of community. It weaves physical movement, breath, conversation, and artistic self-expression with the goal of bringing us closer to ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. I hope you'll join us. 

In the spirit of community and making these circles accessible to all, scholarships are available. Learn more by visiting the pages below. 

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