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Low-cost Website for Small Business Seattle

Having a website is the often the first step to getting your small business off the ground, and cost should not be a hurdle. I am now offering low-cost websites for small businesses. This is ideal for yoga teachers, therapists, healers, teachers, artists, writers, creatives, anyone who wants to share their gifts with the world!

I am a Seattle-based yoga teacher, web-designer, business owner, creative. I want to help you make the perfect website to make your offerings come to life.

My websites start at $150 and are made using simple template platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress, and Weebly. Using these simple tools, plus a little creativity and customization, we can make a website that not only looks amazing, but is easy for you to manage and update on your own, if that works for you. I am also here to help you on an ongoing basis.

This service is also offered free of charge to Black-owned businesses. As a part of my personal commitment to educating myself on systemic racism and holding myself accountable to taking action towards change, I am offering this service free of cost to Black-owned businesses. I know that this is the first step, and I am also taking a deeper look into understanding my place as a white yoga teacher, whiteness in the wellness industry, and what this means for me going forward.

Want to get started? Check out my portfolio get more information about pricing and the process here.

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