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February Circle- Trusting Inner Wisdom

The theme for the February mother/ daughter yoga circle is Trusting Your Inner Wisdom. Perhaps this is something that you are very familiar with, something you tap into often. Or perhaps it’s something that feels quite foreign. What is our inner wisdom and how do we find it?

That is what we will explore in this two hour gathering.

What is inner wisdom?

I think of my inner wisdom as an intuitive knowing of what is right, or what is wrong, for me. It is guidance in times of indecision. It often shows up as a feeling in my gut, a sensation from within. It can also be a whisper, a voice that comes through when we get really quiet. It is that voice that tells you what you already know but maybe forgot. It knows the answer to a tough question you’ve been mulling over, what you need to do to find more happiness, what is no longer working for you in your life. It is the confidence that you can live in a way that is authentic for you.

What does inner wisdom feel like?

I can remember feeling this way often as a kid or a teenager when I was in a situation that felt wrong, when I felt pressured to fit in or swim with the crowd. It was like a looming cloud telling me “this isn’t right”.

As an adult, it can feel harder to tap into this feeling because we often feel like there is so much that we “should do”. In the midst of schedules and obligations, our inner wisdom has to do more to make itself heard. Sometimes we have to get sick, breakdown, or loose something before we understand what wisdom is trying to show us. But, we can connect to this voice before things go wrong. If we turn in and look inside ourselves, we have an innate sense of what is right.

It is often easier to figure out the things that are wrong for you, and challenging to find the things that are right. When you do find those things, inner wisdom can show up as a light from within, a glowing sensation letting you know that you are on the right path. It might show up when you are creating art, singing, writing, or teaching a child. That is your inner voice telling you to move towards that thing, to bring more of it into your life.

"When we listen to our inner wisdom, we are creating more freedom in our lives and living in a way that brings joy, a joy that we can share with the world."

Why should we trust our inner wisdom?

Everyday, we are faced with choices, both big and small. What to do, how to act, what to pursue. There are often conflicting messages coming our way, making these choices seemingly difficult to make. We are influenced by our family, friends, social media, to be, look, and achieve in a certain way. These choices become habits, automatic and inauthentic to who we really are. When we’re living in a way that we think we “should” we find ourselves unhappy, depressed, and tired. When we are living in alignment with these things, we feel complete, happy, joyous. Each of us has unique needs, passions, talents, and purpose. When we listen to our inner wisdom, we are creating more freedom in our lives and living in a way that brings joy, a joy that we can share with the world.

This is a tool that many of us weren’t equipped with as kids, but something that feels so important to share with the next generation. Learning about inner wisdom teaches young women that they already have so much knowledge and strength within them, a strength that allows them to make decisions for themselves. This is so empowering, to let these women know that they are capable of forging a path for themselves, creating a life that fulfills them. It is also a message that they do not have to make decisions to conform to what others want from them, but that their uniqueness and passion is what should lead the way.

How can I tap into inner wisdom?

The following prompts can help you to tap in to your innate knowing:

  • When was a time you heard or felt your intuition, a quiet whisper letting you know that something was right or wrong?

  • When making decisions, is there a sense that you already know what’s right or wrong?

  • What sources outside of yourself most influence your decisions?

  • What things your life lights you up, brings you joy, makes you feel most alive?

  • What would it take for you to be able to listen and trust your inner wisdom?

  • What would you life look like if you lived in complete alignment with inner wisdom?

To learn more about trusting your inner wisdom, join me and fellow yoga teacher and wellness coach, Jenna Walenga on February 2nd at the Yoga Tree in Fremont for the monthly mother/ daughter yoga circle!

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