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Teen Yoga Class in Seattle

Weekly Teen Yoga Class on Thursday nights at Soma Yoga in Ballard.

These classes are for girls (or female-identifying, or non-binary) teens ages 13+. Classes bring together meditation, yoga, journaling, art, open conversation, and community.

For the latest classes, check the teen yoga page.

A bit about the class:

My classes are a safe space. My goal is for teens to have an hour of their week where they feel safe, calm, and connected to a community of fellow teens. Building positive friendships is central to the class. We talk about stress, confidence, friendships, and anything else that is weighing on their minds. Through breathing exercises, we learn about how stress effects our bodies and minds, and how we can combat that. Through yoga, we find strength and ease in our bodies, and learn to honor them with respect and acceptance. With journaling and art, we find ways to express ourselves, allowing for emotions and thoughts to come to the surface. By sharing these feelings, we realize that we are not alone, but supported by the group.

A bit about the teacher, Camille Dodson:

When I first started teaching yoga in the summer of 2011, it was to a group of pre-teens and teens at a summer camp. My love for working with the age group blossomed that summer and has continued to grow. I went on to get a Master's Degree in Child Studies and focus my dissertation on the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for teenagers. My research confirmed what I already knew to be true: that yoga and mindfulness are valuable tools for teenagers, who are often stressed, striving to carve out their identity, and trying to fit a mold shaped by peers and social media.

I have been practicing yoga for 10 years, and teaching for 8. My personal yoga practice is key for maintaining balance in my own life. It has provided me with an ability to manage stress, cultivate confidence, and approach life with more love for myself and the people around me. This is what I hope to share with my students. I work with teenagers as well as kids as young as three. I also lead mother/ daughter yoga retreats here in Seattle and in San Diego.

Give Yoga a Try:

Teen classes are run as a 10-week series, but I welcome teens to try out a class if they aren't sure. You can purchase a drop in class and join us at anytime. Or, you can sign up for the whole series. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!


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