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Five Yoga Themed Crafts

One of my favorite parts of leading kids' yoga clubs is creating yoga themed crafts. It is a great way to incorporate the theme or lesson from the class into an art project. In my experience, the kids are always excited to draw, paint, craft, and create.

1. Mini Yogis:

Pipe cleaners are my go to supply to have on hand. There are so many things you can make with them, especially when it comes to yoga themed crafts. I love this idea of taking your favorite yoga pose and recreating it with pipe cleaners. I usually ask students to share why this is their favorite pose as well to reinforce learning pose names and exploring the benefits they have on our bodies.

2. Mini Yoga Mats:

This yoga themed craft is also a great holiday gift! We made these mats as a part of a lesson on gratitude. In each mat, we wrote a note to someone in our lives letting them know why we are grateful for them. Then, we rolled up the mats and created a strap out of, you guessed it, pipe-cleaners! The kids thought this was the cutest idea.

3. "Me Mandalas"

I use mandalas in many ways in my classes, but I like to make "Me Mandalas" on the first day of class as a way to get to know my students. We talk about how mandalas are used for meditation and feeling calm. then I ask the students to think of things that make them feel calm and happy and use those images to create their design. All you need for this one is paper plates and markers.

4. Affirmation stones:

I love to take my yoga classes outside when the weather is nice. We talk a lot about the peacefulness of nature, our favorite places in nature, and how we can take on the qualities of things we see in nature. I also like this craft because it is something they can come back to whenever they are feeling down. I encourage them to write something on the stone that makes them feel good, a word or a phrase that brings them peace.

5. Breathing Bracelets:

Inspired by the malas used in meditation, breathing bracelets work both as a yoga themed craft and a meditation tool. We use pipe-cleaners and beads to create the bracelets. I ask the students to think of one thing that makes them feel at piece and pick a bead to represent that thing. After they've made the bracelet, I show them how to use the bracelet to count their breaths.

The wonderful thing about all of these yoga themed crafts is that they give the students a keepsake, something to remind them of the theme we discussed that day. Each one is a tool that the kids can use to either remember a yoga pose, or a mindfulness or meditation technique at home.

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