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Restorative Yoga Sequence and Playlist

I love restorative yoga. I love teaching restorative yoga. I love creating a new restorative yoga sequence each week and pairing it with the most relaxing, heart opening playlist. This sequence is a perfect way to start or end your day. It begins with a progressive relaxation sequence moving the bolster down the body. Then, we open the back body and hips in a restorative Child's Pose. Next we hang out in Pigeon on the right side (or feel free to take a figure four on your back) and then stretch out the right leg with a supported foreword fold. Then, practice both poses on the left side. Next comes a nice juicy side stretch over a bolster (or two) and blanket (practice on both sides). Turn your back to the bolster and find Reclined Bound Angle. Finally, move to the wall with out without props for a beautiful release in Legs up the Wall. I hope this sequence leaves you feeling relaxed, renewed, and at peace.


For the accompanying playlist, click here and enjoy!

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