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5 Next-Level Yoga Poses for Kids

Practicing yoga with kids is a wonderful way to see yoga through another lens. Kids are not often worried about how they look in a pose or scared to try something new. They tend to have more flexibility than adults and an uninhibited desire for fun. This serves them well when taking yoga to the next level. Once kids are interested in yoga, it is important to keep them invested. One way of doing this is by introducing new and exciting poses. Here are five next-level yoga poses for kids:

1. Splits, or Hanumanasana

This pose can be extremely elusive for adults, even those who were able to do a full split as a child. Many kids can already do a split, but introducing it in a yoga class encourages them to try something a little different.

We don’t want our kids to jump into a spontaneous split like they might on the playground. Instead, we want to work up to this pose through a series of hip and quad stretches to prepare the body to enter this extreme pose safety. After properly warming up the body, come to a Low Lunge. From there, begin to slide the front foot forward and the back foot back, until the legs are completely straight.

If the child can’t get into the pose fully, they can stop at Ardha Hanumanasana (Half Splits) with the front leg straight or use blocks under the pelvis to support them. Working continuously on this pose is a great way to show kids how they can progress and achieve things they didn’t think they could do!

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