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Why Mothers Should Practice Yoga with their Teenage Daughters.

One of the most complicated relationships out there is between a mother and her teenage daughter.

Something happens to a teenage girl’s perception that makes every utterance from her mother’s mouth unbearably boring, annoying and down right embarrassing.

Having been a teenage girl myself in the very recent past, I can vividly remember a shift from being best friends with my loving mother, to rolling my eyes at her mere presence.

Now—being back in the best friends stage (most of the time)—I can’t explain what caused the shift or what triggered it. I do look back and cringe and realize that my behavior was horribly embarrassing (not the other way around). I know karma will get me back for that if I have a daughter one day. But I also know that I’m not alone here; it was always a topic of conversation with my high school friends about just how “awful” our mothers were.

I have a couple of theories to explain the mother-daughter clash:
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