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The Holistic Benefits of Lotus Pose

While many yoga poses have wonderful benefits for our bodies by improving flexibility, strength, and toning, sometimes the more gentle poses are the ones that create deep change within us. Lotus Pose, or Padmasana, is an extremely powerful pose, especially for women. It is a wonderful example of a pose that connects the mind, body, and spirit — one of the ultimate goals of yoga.


To find Lotus Pose, come to a seated position on your mat. From here, cross one leg on top of the other, placing the foot in the opposite hip crease. Then, cross the other leg over the top of the first, finding the other hip crease.

This pose can be very difficult for people with tight hips and thighs to get into and requires a good amount of hip opening in preparation. People with knee injuries should also be cautious of this pose and be sure to .

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