The relationship between mothers and their daughters is like no other. This bond built on love faces a unique set of challenges as the daughter grows into her own womanhood. The tween and teen years can be a time of boundary pushing and tension.  As girls move through these years, it becomes harder to communicate their feelings and needs. As mothers, there is so much wisdom to impart on your daughters, but it is often difficult to feel heard. Finding a middle ground, a supportive, and fun place for both women to communicate is a magical experience. 


The idea for these mother daughter retreats was born from reflection on my own experience of being a teenager and the relationship with my mother. When I was around 9, my mom and I went to mother/ daughter camp together. It was a magical, beautiful time that I think back to as one of the best weekends of my childhood. Something about the fresh mountain air, sleeping in cabins, working together to complete games and crafts, singing songs around a camp fire, it created this incredible space for us to truly see and celebrate each other. My goal in creating these retreats is to provide that space for mothers and their daughters. Learn more about what to expect on a mother/ daughter retreat here. 


The retreats are a blend of yoga, meditation, journaling, art activities, exploring nature, eating together and hanging out as group. Each day is based on a theme including but not limited to confidence, love, respect, or self-care. We use these themes to drive the conversation, yoga practice, and activities for the day. There is also plenty of time for socializing, exploring the town, and relaxing. Each retreat is unique to the group, and serves to inspire a deeper connection between mothers and daughter, and the family of women and girls we create over the weekend. 

** In using the terms mother and daughter, it is important to state that these retreats aim to be inclusive. All female identifying and non-binary individuals are welcome to join. 


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