movement +mentorship



yoga + mindfulness + mentoring for teens

movement + mentoring is a way for me to offer the tools I wish I'd had. I want to encourage young people to gain a deeper understanding of themselves to inform big decisions about their future. I want them to understand how to take care of themselves, and how to ask for help. I want to help them to build a toolbox of skills that will help them to navigate adulthood. ​

I want to help take some stress away. Teenagers have enough of that already. Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to who has been there, and sometimes that person isn't your parents, your friends, or your sister. 

These sessions are totally customizable based on what each teen is looking for. They can focus on movement alone, or incorporate different aspects of self-care and life-skills (movement +mentoring). 


A private yoga + mindfulness session. We can also talk about how to feel calm and centered, and in these sessions, we put those tools into practice. I will guide the student through a yoga practice and other self-care techniques that they find enjoyable. 

These sessions are individualized and can include:

-yoga (any style)





movement +mentoring: 

A private yoga session + time for conversation. We can talk about ways to balance school work with self-care and having fun. We can talk about going to college versus taking a gap year. We can talk about how to look for a job, study habits, navigating a new city. We can talk about how to deal with roommates or how to have a long distance relationship. We can talk about ideas for self-care at college, and what do to if things don't go to plan. We can talk about the things that make them happy or discovering new things to bring joy into their lives. 

Things we can work on in these sessions:

-life skills








Cost: $50 per session

what to expect:

Interested in movement + mentoring? Get in touch! 

Need more Support?

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