Mother Daughter Yoga Circles
A community of mothers, daughters and yoga teachers coming together to practice yoga, mediation, self- expression and to learn from one another.
Ongoing Monthly Classes
The Yoga Tree,
4250 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, USA

 A monthly mini-retreat

a collective of yoga teachers sharing their wisdom

a community of mothers and daughters

practicing yoga, expressing themselves through art, engaging in meaningful conversation

Join me one Saturday of each month for a two hour yoga circle for mothers and daughters at The Yoga Tree in Fremont. More than just a yoga class, these circles are a chance for women and girls (female identifying or non-binary) to connect with themselves, their loved ones, and the community. Each month will focus on a different theme, tying together yoga, journaling, art, and conversation. Yoga teachers from around the Seattle area offer up their expertise to bring a variety of teaching styles, knowledge, and ideas to the group. While the structure will vary slightly each month, a typical schedule will look like:

3pm: Opening Circle 

3:15: Yoga class + meditation

4:00: break

4:15: art project/ sharing activity/ information session

4:45: closing circle

Read more about my inspiration for the circles. 

Who: Mothers and daughters ages 8 and up 

When: Monthly on Saturdays 3-5pm


Cost: $35 per person per class

($20 for additional daughter)

Four Class Pass available for $120 per person.

(Good for any four classes in the series)

Scholarships available!

Price includes yoga class as well as materials 

*partial refunds (excluding processing fees) given if requested 2 weeks before class*

Where: The Yoga Tree

When: February 2nd, March 9th, April 13th, May 4th (more dates TBD)


See individual class descriptions below.


February 2nd:Trusting Inner Wisdom-


Camille Dodson & Jenna Walenga 

- Flow Yoga

- Yoga nidra meditation

- Mindful Art

Join Camille Dodson and Jenna Walenga for a mindful yoga practice and intentional conversation on tapping into your true self and trusting your inner wisdom. In this class we aim to cultivate confidence, practice self expression through art and connect with fellow women and girls. Yoga will be a flow class followed by yoga nidra meditation. No yoga experience necessary, just bring an open mind. 


March 9th:Self Care: Tending Your Nervous System- SOLD OUT

Camille Dodson & Kate Causbie

- Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga (flow and rest)

- Nervous system awareness and guided meditation

- Art project: Mind sand box 

Join Camille Dodson and Kate Causbie for an informative and enriching yoga and learning experience. We'll start with an energizing yoga practice followed by restorative postures to notice the difference in our bodies' response. Then we'll engage in active learning to discover the ways that we can support our bodies and minds in helping to calm our nervous system. A great practice for anyone dealing with stress, or anxiety to learn tools for ongoing emotional regulation- something useful for people of all ages. 


April 13th: Mindfulness Tools for Daily Life

Camille Dodson & Sarah Erter

- Yin Yoga

- Mindfulness Meditation

- Art project: handmade journals 

Join Camille Dodson and Sarah Erter for an exploration of Yin Yoga, mindfulness meditation, and writing. Yin Yoga comprises of calming static poses held for time to encourage connective tissue mobilization and nervous system restoration. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that encourages greater presence in daily life. Through these complementary practices, we will explore tools for enhancing presence and the empowerment to make choices based on your inherent and natural source of intuitive wisdom. Writing prompts will be infused throughout the practice, with your own beautifully crafted handmade journal to inspire an ongoing practice of self-reflection.


May 4th: Self- Inquiry with Crystals and Chakras

Camille Dodson & Jessica McKeown

-Chakra flow yoga

- Chakra meditation

Read your chakras using homemade crystal necklaces

Join Camille and Jessica McKeown for an exploration of the chakra system, a series of energy points in the body. This practical exploration of the chakras is a fun way to name and understand how the body reflects what's going on in our world. By learning to read our chakras, we can help ourselves, and our loved ones develop a process of self-inquiry that can help us get un-stuck. 

"Sophia and I had such a great time at the yoga circle. We hope to make it to another one! We both felt so much more calm after leaving"

-Kara, Circle Participant

In the spirit of community, it is important that these circles are accessible to all. For that reason, I offer one family a discounted ticket of just $10/ person for each circle. If you would like to be considered, please fill out the form below.  

Scholarship Request

Please tell me your daughter's name and age, the date of the cirlce you'd like to attend, and anything else you think is important for me to know