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About my classes

I strive to create a class environment that is inclusive and accessible to ALL and to commit to continually educating myself, learning, and unlearning, and supporting causes that make yoga and mindfulness available to all. 

All classes are on a sliding scale. Please pay what you can. Use the discount codes below as needed. 

Use the code: FIFTY for 50% off class price 

Use code: HUNDRED for 100% off class price

Monthly contributions are made to Yoga Foster, an organization that offers yoga and mindfulness tools at low cost to schools. 




Wednesdays: Yoga for kids ages 8-12

September 23 - November 18th

Upcoming Virtual Kids Yoga:


Mondays: Yoga for kids ages 5-8

September 21-November 16th

Yoga, mindfulness, games, art, connection. Learn more about kids yoga here. 

If you cannot attend all classes, use the code FIFTY at checkout. Good for any four classes. 

Yoga, mindfulness, journaling , art, connection. Learn more about teen yoga here.

No classes currently offered 






Classes are catered to meet the needs of the individual. Whether you have a want to have some me time, have child on the Autism spectrum, a teen dealing with anxiety, are looking for an after school activity for your kiddos, or just want to spend more quality time with your family, yoga classes are a great way to reconnect, unwind, and improve mental, emotional, and physical health. 

These private, personalized classes are ideal for:


Mothers and daughters



Children and teens with special needs


Groups of friends