Five Yoga Themed Crafts

One of my favorite parts of leading kids' yoga clubs is creating yoga themed crafts. It is a great way to incorporate the theme or lesson from the class into an art project. In my experience, the kids are always excited to draw, paint, craft, and create. 1. Mini Yogis: Pipe cleaners are my go to supply to have on hand. There are so many things you can make with them, especially when it comes to yoga themed crafts. I love this idea of taking your favorite yoga pose and recreating it with pipe cleaners. I usually ask students to share why this is their favorite pose as well to reinforce learning pose names and exploring the benefits they have on our bodies. 2. Mini Yoga Mats: This yoga themed

Restorative Yoga Sequence and Playlist

I love restorative yoga. I love teaching restorative yoga. I love creating a new restorative yoga sequence each week and pairing it with the most relaxing, heart opening playlist. This sequence is a perfect way to start or end your day. It begins with a progressive relaxation sequence moving the bolster down the body. Then, we open the back body and hips in a restorative Child's Pose. Next we hang out in Pigeon on the right side (or feel free to take a figure four on your back) and then stretch out the right leg with a supported foreword fold. Then, practice both poses on the left side. Next comes a nice juicy side stretch over a bolster (or two) and blanket (practice on both sides). Turn yo

Mother Daughter Yoga Retreat

I'm so pleased to announce my upcoming Mother Daughter Yoga Retreat! This February, I'm hosting a mother/ daughter yoga retreat in Encinitas, CA, an amazing beach town north of San Diego. On this retreat we'll be staying in a home two blocks from the beach and practicing yoga in a gorgeous local studio as well as on the beach. We'll also spend time working on crafts together, sharing, laughing, eating delicious food, sitting around the fire, exploring the town, and so much more. These Mother Daughter Retreats are truly magical, and my absolute favorite way to share yoga. I love witnessing the bond between mothers and daughters and seeing how yoga helps to bring them together. My inspiration

An Introduction to yoga: An easy lesson plan for kids age 3-10

I know of a lot of teachers, parents, or counselors who say they would love to use yoga with their students, kids, or clients but aren't sure where to start. So, with that in mind, I've created this introduction to yoga lesson plan. This lesson plan is an easy way to teach yoga to kids. As with all of my classes, it starts with a breathing exercise to help kids calm down and get focused. Then, it offers a series of poses to guide the children through using kid-friendly descriptions that don't require the teacher to have precious knowledge of yoga. Next is a yoga game that helps reinforce the poses and get the kids to take ownership of them while having the chance to be a leader. Finally, if

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