Living and Learning with Anxiety

I can remember to the second the first time I experienced anxiety. I was 12 years old, in 6th grade Geography Class. We were giving presentations on rivers and this was my day to speak to the whole class about the Danube River. I was prepared and even calm about the idea of presenting. Then, the boy who went before me fainted, leaving me feeling rattled and nervous that the same thing would happen to me. I asked to go to the nurse before it was my turn and didn't return to school for 10 days, waking up each morning feeling anxious and scared about the presentation. Not only was I becoming mentally anxious about public speaking, but my body was reacting with physical symptoms. I had an upset

Growing and Giving Back

As the seasons begin to change, I am preparing myself for some big changes. For the past few months, I've been gearing up to take a big leap of faith and really throw myself into this world of teaching yoga and making it my central career focus. It's been a year of working full time and spending any free time making this dream grow. I've had some really wonderful opportunities pan out over the past few months, and I feel ready to take the plunge. While I'll be working what I call "half-time" doing some freelance marketing and social media work, I have enough yoga classes and events lined up that it feels like this is actually happening. I can now officially answer the question "what do you d

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