Birthday Parties

Looking for a fun way to celebrate a birthday? Make it a yoga party!

Yoga birthday parties are a great way for friends to enjoy a healthy activity while having fun!


What to expect:

A two hour yoga experience that includes:

-Mindful breathing


-Yoga-inspired games

- Yoga play time where kids can make up their own poses, practice partner poses, and teach each other. 

- Arts and crafts. Example projects include dream catchers, paint your own yoga mat, making nature mandalas, or making eye pillows.


Who is this for?

Boys and girls who are interested in yoga and between the ages of 3 and 14. Groups of up to 15 kids. 

What does it cost?

Price varies depending on the number of children and the cost of art supplies.

Typically parties range from $200-$300. 

What do you need to bring?

Nothing! I will bring the yoga mats and any supplies needed. All that's needed is a space big enough for the group to practice yoga, either inside or outside. 

Interested or want to learn more?
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