I have been practicing yoga for 10 years. I came to yoga as a means to regain balance in my life. I had to learn how to connect with my body and truly listen to what it needed.


Over the past 10 years, my personal practice and teaching has evolved. I am trained in teaching yoga to teenagers, restorative yoga and have participated in a trauma-informed yoga training. My teaching aims to be is inclusive of all bodies,

regardless of size, and I aim to teach from a body-positive

perspective. This stems from my work in the eating disorder world and a vision to make yoga a tool for radical healing and self-acceptance. 


Through my teaching, I aim to share the gifts of yoga with students of all ages.


For kids, yoga offers a chance to learn about dealing with emotions, cultivate kindness for themselves and others, and lay a foundation for healthy living. 

For teenagers, yoga provides a safe space to better understand themselves. It promotes a healthy body image, expression of emotions, and a framework for managing stress. 

For adults, yoga is a crucial way to balance the stress of everyday life. The things we gain from yoga are much the same as that for kids and teens. Often, rather than learning how to care for ourselves, we must unlearn the patterns that keep us from doing so. 

My deepest passion in my teaching is with mothers and daughters. This bond is so powerful and essential to a healthy relationship with ourselves as we grow into women. There is teaching to be done, but also healing. Teaching young girls about their worth forces us to look into the mirror and notice if we know our own. This is the true beauty of bringing mothers and daughters together to practice yoga. 

It is my dream that the children of today will do better than we did. That they'll learn these tools early and use them as they grow. I see my role as planting seeds of yoga, mindfulness, peace, kindness, and compassion in the hearts and minds of the children I work with. My hope is that these seeds will continue to grow as they do. 



The way forward 

I am a white, thin, able-bodied, cis-gendered female and thus acknowledge the immense privilege that this provides. I am in a continuous process of learning and unlearning about the systems that provide me with this privilege and create oppression for others. I am committed to this learning and applying it to my teaching while also supporting and learning from teachers who do not look like me. 

As I continue to learn, I will share the resources and people that impact me here. If you find any of these sources useful, I encourage you to make a contribution to financially support the individuals for their emotional labor.